Environmental sustainability



At Origin Brewer we thoroughly enjoy pursuing environmentally sustainable business practices at every level. From how we designed and operate our brewery, to how we source our ingredients.   

In 2014, we partnered with Arkin Tilt Architects to design a small brewery made with local and natural building materials.  Design features include a rainwater catchment system, where we use this water as the cooling medium for our heat exchanger to chill the wort heading to our fermenters. We catch and store enough water to also use it for landscaping. Another feature is the Watershed Block material used in construction. Watershed Block™ is a masonry unit made of locally-sourced minerals, recycled aggregates and little to no cement. The block provides enough thermal mass to keep ambient temperatures in the brewery relatively stable at levels that are ideal for making ales in the warm and hot months, and lagers in the coolest months.  

More about our sustainability practices coming soon!