our roots


Origin Brewer LLC began as a simple concept in 2012, to transform a home-brewing passion into a retirement plan, where we may spend our golden years brewing delicious brews. It seemed like a great concept that would need a lot of lead time to work out all the permitting, kinks, and... just in case, ... time to come up with a Plan B if the permitting didn’t work out.   

Well, the permitting did come through, and we still have 15+ years until retirement! 

We began operations in January 2017, as a woman-owned and independently run, nano-brewery located in the heart of Richmond, California. We are tremendously grateful to the City of Richmond for signing off on our business concept and issuing us a business license in 2014. This paved the way for us to design and build a small production brewery nestled in our lovely backyard-urban garden, surrounded by great neighbors and occasionally visited by our dog Guinness.